Where Do Uware Tees Really Come From?

Posted by uwaretees on 1/9/2017 to Information
Where Do Uware Tees Really Come From?
Yes, that uware shirt on your back right now – where did it come from?

Well, you may find this a little surprising – but it has been in the works for 40 years!

You see, we design, package, and print all of our shirts right here in the USA (North Carolina to be specific)! 

And today, we’d like to tell you a little more about our manufacturing process.

Who is part of the uware manufacturing process?

From the three women in our sister company print shop who’ve been there since 1977 to the corporate officers who maintain the close-knit atmosphere and vowed to keep their factory in the USA – our manufacturing facility truly is a little community filled with great people. We employ over 50 dedicated, hard working Americans. They’ve grown up with the company – it’s their family, and a way of life.

How are the t-shirts made?

Every tee goes through its own journey before it winds up on your back!

It starts with our design team. The design is one year ahead of production, so we have to "guess" a little as to what the market will want a year down the road. We do rigorous research and put together a vision of what we want to create a series of tee shirts. This process can be challenge because we are looking into the future to predict the next

So, how do we create this vision? To do so, we:

  •          Get feedback from buyers
  •         Bring in research services to help out
  •         Look at market trends
  •          Rely on gut feelings

When we get it right, it’s a beautiful thing, and people love the shirts.

The next challenge is to execute on the design team’s vision – and that’s a company-wide effort. That’s where the rest of the employees come into play!  

How do we give back to the community?

Aside from hiring locals, our manufacturing factory also gives back to the community wherever they can. They’ve worked with several local charities, churches, and schools, on various fundraisers and projects.

Lessons learned from a lifetime in business

People care about family, security, and culture

People want a job that helps them feel secure. They want to put in a decent day’s work, then come home and take care of their families. And while they’re at work, they want to be part of a culture they enjoy.

That’s why so many of our manufacturing employees have stuck around for decades – and why we’ve been able to last for so long. They provide all of these elements to their employees.

Nothing stays the same – changes happen constantly

Changes are happening all the time – but perhaps not in the way you might think. Our experiences tell us these changes are often cyclical.

For example, people may want a simple now, then a few years later, they may want something very complex. Fast forward a few years after that; their tastes will switch back to simple designs again!

Wrapping up

Here at Uware Brands, we’ve always been committed to quality and community. We love working with those who support both of those core values.

With the help of all our partners, we pump out shirts of extraordinary quality, and at the same time employ locals and do service to support the community.

It’s a beautiful combination!

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