Top 4 Fishing Blogs to Help You Reel in Your Next Big Catch

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Top 4 Fishing Blogs to Help You Reel in Your Next Big Catch

You love the thrill of reeling in your next big catch…

In fact, you want to capture that feeling every time you’re out on the water.

But to do so, you must learn and refine your fishing game. And one of the best ways to do that is to get the most up to date fishing advice from the experts. That way, you can implement new strategies and get to the next level.

So, here are the best fishing blogs that will help you reel in your next big catch.

1.     Take Me Fishing

If you want an incredible fishing guide then Take Me Fishing is the website for you!

Not only do they provide provides great articles written by experts but they offer a TON of resources.

Here are a few of their great articles:

If you need to get your fishing license in your particular state, they have you covered. Need to know how or where to register your boat? Check. They even offer courses in Spanish.

2. The Fiberglass Manifesto

A type of “niche” fishing blog – The Fiberglass Manifesto is geared towards fishermen who like to fish with glass products. But the great part is you can still get a lot from this blog even if that isn’t your niche.

Updated nearly daily, The Fiberglass Manifesto offers great content such as featured articles, Instructional videos and reviews of the many products they sell on their website.

You can’t go wrong with this blog and even if you’re not a glass fisherman…You’ll learn something new so you can bring your game to the next level!

3.     Oregon Fly Fishing Blog


One of the things that really sticks out from this website is they have a collection of beautiful pictures. They also have a meet up page where they host events and offer guided fly fishing trips. Instructional videos are also available.

If you’re looking for great content and a great selection of resources then this blog is for you! Plus, it can help you connect with other fisherman as well.

4. Moldy Chum

The Moldy Chum offers instructional videos so you can learn everything you need to know about freshwater fishing.

Here are some their great articles:

·       Drone-fishing-tuna

·       Bolivia Fly Fishing Upper Amazon Rivers

·       Rio Episode 4

They have an artwork/wallpaper section on their site too. As a bonus they have a giveaway section where you have the opportunity to earn some cool prizes.



We all want the surge that will help sharpen our skills… and with these blogs you’re bound to gain the rich knowledge you’re looking for.

All four blogs will give you new strategies and tools to elevate your fishing game. So, put them into action and let us know how you do!


Do you have any other favorite fishing blogs? If so please let us know in the comments below!

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