How to Prepare for Hunting Season

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How to Prepare for Hunting Season

Hunting seasons are different in just about every state – so for some of you, hunting season for a particular type of animal may be right around the corner, while for others you may still be a ways off (If you’d like to find the hunting season for your state, you can research

Nevertheless, you should know how to prepare for hunting season properly. That way, you can set yourself up for a great and successful season.

So today, we’ll give you a few quick tips so that you can do exactly that!

1. Tune Your Bow or Rifle

A pro guitarist wouldn’t turn up to a show with a guitar that needed tuning. The rhythm and sound would be off, and they’d surely get some boos from the audience.

In that same line of thinking, you shouldn’t start hunting season without first tuning up your bow or rifle.

How do you do that?

Head to the shooting range about a month before the season starts (it’ll probably be less crowded around this time).  Once there, get some practice in and make sure your scope is on point – that way, you can make sure you get a good, clean shot when it’s time to hunt.

You should also have a good understanding of the trajectories of your bullets and arrows, as well the performance of cartridges at different distances.

2. Understand the Rules and Laws

Seasoned hunters probably already know this, so this is more for first-time or inexperienced hunters

You should make sure to know the following:

·       The beginning and end dates of the season

·       The licenses required and any other certifications or tags that are needed

·       The land you’ll be hunting on, as well as the boundaries of the hunting area

And for the season hunters, don’t just assume that the hunting area will be the same as last year even if it’s the same land. Take time to look at maps and do research to make sure it’s still a good place to go and that nothing has changed.

3. Talk to Landowners

Some hunters know a few private landowners who will let them hunt on their property…

But just in case you don’t, it’s a good idea to knock on a few doors and ask if you can use their land to hunt when the season starts. Some will say yes, and some will say no, but it’s worth the risk. One simple “yes” can lead to years of great hunting seasons.

To sweeten up the deal for the landowner, you can offer to show up a few hours early or maybe a weekend when you’re free to help do some work on the land. It will show them that you appreciate them letting let you use their property.

4. Set up your trails

Once you know where you’ll be hunting, the next step is to establish your trails!

Specifically, you should set up your feeder and get your trail cameras ready.

Getting your trail cameras set up will help you get an early start on tracking animal movements. For example, you’ll know what kind of deer are frequenting the spot you’re in. It will also provide insight into the best times of the day to hunt.

By setting up your feeders early, you’ll help the deer that go through the area grow bigger and give you a better catch when the season does roll around.


Hunting season is an exciting time for those of us who love to hunt. But to ensure a great hunting season, you need to make the right preparations. That way, you stay safe and within the law, and also give yourself the best land on which to hunt.

So, make sure to follow these four simple tips to prepare for your next hunting season!

What other ways do you prepare for your hunting seasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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