The 7 Best Things About Having a Cat

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The 7 Best Things About Having a Cat

This may come as a surprise, but there are actually more pet cats than pet dogs in the United States.

In fact, our feline friends rank below only fish when it comes to the most popular pets.

Anyone who has had a cat understands why. They’re always adorable, from when they’re kittens that fit into the palm of your hand to their older years. And they have so much personality.

With National Cat Day coming up on October 29th, we wanted to put together the seven best things about having a cat.

1. They Provide Companionship and Support

Everyone wants a companion in life, and cats fill that role perfectly.

They make cute purring sounds and they’re cuddly (as long as the cat is in the mood for it, of course).

Cats are even proven to help you get over emotional issues, including the loss of a loved one.

2. Their Purring Is Good for Your Joints

The vibrations from a cat’s purr help your joints, especially when you’re recovering from an injury.

You’ll still want to see a doctor for anything serious, but your cat can give you that extra boost.

3. They’re Low Maintenance

The idea that cats are fine alone isn’t completely true. Your cat still misses you when you’re gone.

But cats are certainly one of the most low-maintenance pets.

All your typical cat really needs is water, food, and a clean litterbox, and it’s good to go.

4. They Reduce Your Stress

Cat owners tend to have lower stress levels than people who don’t own a pet.

Not only is this good for your quality of life, but it also reduces your likelihood of certain medical issues, including heart disease and stroke.

5. They’re Impressive Hunters

Make no mistake about it – your sweet, loving companion is an absolute terror for any small animals that cross its path.

You may not be too keen on the gifts your cat brings you if you let it go outdoors. But you’ll be happy your cat is such a skilled hunter if you ever have rats or other pests in your home, because they won’t last long.

6. They Provide Free Entertainment

Who doesn’t love watching cat videos on YouTube and Facebook?

With their natural curiosity and their athletic abilities, cats are fun to watch and often hilarious.

7. They’re Selectively Sweet

Cats are known for having a bit of an attitude. Most won’t jump all over you and start licking you up and down like a dog.

That makes it even more rewarding when they do show you affection, though.

You feel like you’ve earned it when a cat shows affection, because they won’t do that for just anyone.

These are only a few of the reasons we love our cats so much.

What about you? Let us know your favorite things about owning a cat in the comments below!

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