7 Ways to Show Support to Soldiers

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7 Ways to Show Support to Soldiers

The Fourth of July (AKA Independence Day) is one of the most patriotic days of the year.


It’s our chance to celebrate and give thanks to our independence and our freedom as a nation.


That same independence that we achieved a few centuries ago thanks to the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.


But here’s the thing - without all the heroic troops who’ve served our country, as well as those who continue to serve, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same freedoms and independence that we do today.


It’s thanks to them that we are (and will continue to be) a free nation.


And so you might be wondering…


“What can I do to show support to soldiers on Independence Day?”


That’s the question we’ll answer today!


Here are 7 ways to show support to soldiers on Independence Day!


1. Fly the Flag


Independence Day is the perfect time to break out your beautiful American flag! It shows your neighbors just how patriotic you are, and it’s also a sign of respect for the troops who’ve served for this beautiful country.


2. Volunteer!


There are plenty of ways you can volunteer and show support for soldiers.


Simply type in your zip code here to see a list of volunteer opportunities in your area. Every volunteer hour helps!


3. Send a Military Care Package


With the USO holiday care package program, you can send military care packages several times per year during big holidays.


Although Independence Day isn’t included in that holiday list, you can take the time to start preparing your care package so that it can get sent on the next big holiday. It’s a great way to make soldiers happy!


4. Send Letters!


You can warm the troops’ hearts with a handwritten letter. With A Million Thanks, you can create and send letters to troops easier than ever before.


Military from both the past and present can receive these letters - and sometimes, they’ll even write you back a response!


5. Grant a Wish


With the Grant A Wish program from A Million Thanks, you can grant wishes of soldiers. For example, you can fund soldiers to get the puppy they’ve always wanted, go on that tropical family vacation, or even give a military couple an overdue honeymoon!


You can pledge as little or as much as you want towards these wishes - but every dollar helps!


6. Attend an Independence Day Parade


Independence Day parades are fun for the whole family. They show support for the USA, and as a result, support for those brave soldiers who have fought for our freedom. So, get out to the parade and show everyone just how thankful you are for that freedom!


7. Wear US-Themed/Military-Themed Shirts and Gear


What better way to show support than to wear it right on your chest?


Independence Day is a great day to break out your Patriotic gear. Shirts, hats, and more. And luckily, here at Uware we have plenty of patriotic shirts for you to choose from!




Here at Uware, we feel like we can never show enough appreciation and support for those that fight for our freedom. Independence Day is another great opportunity to show that support.


What are some of your other favorite ways to show support to soldiers on Independence Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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