The 5 Best Military Movies of All Time

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The 5 Best Military Movies of All Time

Military movies rev up your American spirit and make you feel more patriotic than ever.


They are some of our favorite kinds of movies. They make you leave the theater almost blushing with American pride, and at the same time remind us of how brave our military men are.


So today, we’d like to give you some of the best military movies of all time!


1. Saving Private Ryan


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to stop what you’re doing and go watch it.


This late-90s military action thriller details the battle of Normandy and the aftermath, where a group of soldiers searched for the lone-survivor of a family of 4 soldiers.


It shows the true heroics of the Americans back in the World War II, and is sure to make you swell with American pride.


2. Hacksaw Ridge


Heroes aren’t only the ones who take out the enemy with guns. They are also those who help save the troops.


Hacksaw Ridge details the service of Desmond Doss, a medic in WWII who managed to save 75 men without firing or carrying a gun.


He was almost discharged and arrested for his refusal to carry a gun early on, but later proved that you don’t need a weapon to be courageous.


And now, generations of families have him to thank for his heroic medical efforts on the battlefield.


3. Black Hawk Down


In 1993, 100 Delta Force soldiers were dropped into civil-war torn Mogadishu, in attempts to capture two local crime lords.


In the process, two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down. But the team was committed to recovering every man, dead or alive - so they stayed in the area searching. However, they were quickly surrounded by Somalian soldiers.


What transpired was a 15-hour long firefight that resulted in hundreds of dead Somalians and 18 dead American soldiers.  


Black Hawk Down details the events of this fight, and is truly worth the watch.


4. Inglorious Basterds


This movie, unlike the others, is not based on a true story. But we like any flick that lays the hammer down on Nazi soldiers! And Inglorious Basterds certainly does a great job of doing that.


It details the adventures of a group of Jewish soldiers who set out on a mission to take out the leaders of the Third Reich.


5. American Sniper


American Sniper shows the heroics of one of the best American snipers of all-time - Chris Kyle.


His pinpoint accuracy saves countless American lives on the battlefield - but this same reputation makes him a target of enemy insurgents.


Even still, Chris Kyle went on to serve four tours of duty in Iraq. You see his heroics during these tours, as well as the toll that these tours took on he and his family. It shows you how difficult being a soldier can be - both on and off the battlefield.




Military movies fill us with tons of American pride. They remind us just how brave and heroic our soldiers and military personnel are.


These 5 military movies are our favorites - but there’s a ton more that we love to. It’s difficult to pick just 5!


What are some of your other favorite military movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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