3 Signs You’re the Most Patriotic of Your Friends

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3 Signs You’re the Most Patriotic of Your Friends

Do you embody patriotism? When you think of what it means to be an American - do you picture yourself draped in an American flag with an eagle perched on your shoulder while America the Beautiful plays?

If so…Then you might just be the most patriotic one out of your group of friends. But how can you be sure? Are there outstanding signs that say…”YES! I’m the most patriotic one here!”

If your answer is not a jaw dropping yes, then keep on reading and we’ll give you the top three signs why you just might be the most patriotic one of your friends.

Let’s get started…

1. The National Anthem brings tears to your eyes

The National Anthem…

You were taught this song when you were in grade school. Since then it has been the greatest song you have ever heard. Every time you hear it, it brings a feeling of victory, courage, and freedom to your heart.

You get teary eyed when you hear it live. When watching a football game with your friends you’re the only one that stands up in the living room and takes off his hat.

This is your song…No, it’s your country’s song. Every time you hear the national anthem you remember what it really means to be an American.

2.  The 4th of July is your favorite holiday

The GREATEST holiday ever. You love everything about it - The birth of freedom, barbecuing and a good time with your friends and family. The fireworks are a bonus too.

When the 4th of July hits you bring out all the stops. You make sure to be stocked up on all the food you need. Red, white, and blue decorations are everywhere. You even have an American flag cake ready for dessert. You bought the best fireworks, so when they go off, everyone will be amazed.

You’re decked out in patriotic-themed clothing too - perhaps your favorite shirt from the Chris Kyle Foundation or Ruger . You rented an Uncle Sam mascot to be part of the party. If you could get an eagle to fly over as the party gets going, you would do that too.

This is your favorite holiday of the year and you don’t let this day go to waste. You make the most of every minute.

3. The inside of your house is covered in American flags

You see it when you wake up and as soon as you walk in your front door. There is one in your car, on the desk of your office. You even have a shower curtain that looks exactly like it. You LOVE the American flag.

You have it in all different sizes and on just about every item you own. If you could paint the outside of your house in an American flag theme you would. But as thrilling as that sounds, it might not be the best idea.

But that didn’t stop you from getting that breathtaking tattoo that will be with you for a lifetime. The American flag is part of your everyday life and you’ll gladly show your pride anytime you can.


You know you’re patriotic, but you weren’t sure if you were the MOST patriot one out of your friends. If any of the criteria above apply to you then you are un-shamefully the most patriotic.

Keep putting your patriotism on display and show the undeniable love you have for your country.

Do you know any other signs that you may the most patriot one of your friends? If so let us know in the comments below!

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